Thursday, November 8, 2012

God Is God And I Am Not

Not only through preaching of the Word and reading the Bible can only bring the 'rhema' word of God, well inspired by God song compositions are able to do the same. Each rhema word can be specific to each individual or people and when we receive it, we are changed. Spiritually we are challenged, mindset has been altered, God does something in our spiritual being. Subtle or not, something good happens inside.

The simple words of the chorus can suddenly bring so much meaning to me and a reality of something sets in for me.  These words:

God is God and I am not 
I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting 
God is God and I am man 
So I’ll never understand it all 
For only God is God

The complete lyrics. God is God by Steven Curtis Chapman

The music arrangement is profoundly appropriate with the music video and song.

1 Corinthian 2:9 GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
But as Scripture says: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him."

Don't limit God, His vastness of miracles is infinite, His wisdom we can only understand a portion but just embrace and welcome His ways. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spiritual Trading at the Workplace
This was last week's preaching by Ps. Philip Lyn. It's always refreshing to hear the rhema word from God through His ministers and just learning from listening.

I hope you will be encouraged as well and have a new perspective in your christian walk with God.

Be Blessed!

Click here to hear Ps. Philip Lyn
Spiritual Trading at the Workplace

Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Indian with A Snake

This story speaks to me about our human nature, how easily we can pick the wrong choice in life. It is just amazing that our God, is a God of second chance, one that loves us unconditionally. We learn from life's experiences, we fall and we get back up, it's a life cycle of a human being. But, it is with God that we can avoid falling into the lies of the devil many times, or that when we get sucked in to the lies of the devil and fall into situations we shouldn't be in, we can always count on God to guide us out into safety. There will always be hope in Him and we need not walk deeper down the wrong path.

Many times, when Christians back slide, they are too ashamed to meet God or come to church. Shame grips them, and they move further away from God. Know this, when we backslide, it is all the more we need God, all the more we need to stay in His presence. He does not condemned , He want's the best for us.

Back to the story of the Indian and the snake, Max Lucado wrote this in the Inspirational Study Bible that I was reading one day. Let me share it with you:
An Indian was walking up a mountain when he heard a voice.  
"Carry me with you" it requested. The Indian hurried and saw a snake.
He refused,"If I carry you up the mountain you will bite me". " I wouldn't do that", the snake assured. "All I need is some help. I am slow and you are fast, please be kind and carry me to the top of the mountain."
It was against his better judgement, but the Indian agreed. He picked up the snake, put him in his shirt, and resumed the journey. When they reached the top, he reached in his shirt to remove the snake and got bit.
He fell to the ground, and the snake slithered away.
"You lied!" the Indian cried, "You said you wouldn't bite me".
     The snake stopped and looked back," I didn't lie. You knew who I was when you picked me up".
     We hear the legend and shake our heads. He should have known better, we bemoan. And we are right. He should have.
      And so should we. But don't we do the same? Don't we believe the lies of the snake? Don't we pick up what we should leave alone?
Max Lucado was bringing this story in relation to the Corinthian Christians in the book of   1st Corinthians and how Paul was so patient in his teaching them about worship, unity, the role of women and the Lord's supper. Max Lucado wrote this:
      He (Paul) is disturbed but not despondent. Angry but not desperate. His driving passion is love. And his treatise on love in Chapter 13 remains the greatest essay ever penned. The letter however personal, is not just for the Corinth. It is for all who have heard the whisper and felt the fangs.
      We like the Indian, should have known better. We like the Corinthians, sometimes need a second chance.       

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Psalm 91 Recorded....

Today I would like to read to you Psalm 19 in recording, instead of text. This is my first time recording my reading and with only one take, hope it's clear enough coupled with my sinus-sniffles...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bob Fitts Concert Tour 2012

 I have listened to Bob Fitts since I was 12 years old and I can never forget how his songs has connected me to my heavenly Father during my quiet time. The concert brought many memories to me and has lifted my spirit to worship Him. God's awesome presence filled the hall and hands were raised to praise Him. WOA did a great job accompanying Bob Fitts in his music and the backup singers harmonizes so melodiously. Kudos to the band and backup singers.

It's so sweet for the wife Kathy to stand and worship with Bob throughout his leading of worship. Thanks Bob for the encouraging and uplifting message and songs you have shared with us throughout the concert. Many of us are blessed.

This is a clip I took during the concert. A beautiful song ' He Is Lovely'.

These youths probably have not heard many of his songs but it's great that they came to experience a this meaningful praise and worship event. The songs sung are those that I used to worship during youth meetings. Worship is an expression of love to God and songs that we sing should be the vehicle that brings us to the presence of God. To fixed our eyes on Jesus and enjoying His presence.
Youths enjoying the concert
Manage to grab his latest CD ' Called To Worship'
Thanks Bob and Kathy for gracing us with your presence and blessing us with your worship leading. Do come visit Penang again or one day we'll come visit you in Hawaii, haha!:D

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God Loves Us. Let Him.

"Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love. - John 15:9
Moments after I read this verse in my devotional book, I felt a wave of love just overwhelming me and suddenly I forgot what it felt like to have the Father's love in a tangible manner. Father God was getting my attention to His love. No matter happens, He is there for me to depend on, for me to trust His ways and not forgetting His love is eternal.

When you are in moments of uncertainties, be assured that God is a certain God and He desires the best for you even when you are not able to fathom His ways. We complicate our Christian walk so easily by trusting in our own judgement and ideologies. We are such complex beings but Jesus knew our shortcomings yet He still loves us and just as the Father has loved Him, He desire us to abide in His love.

A lot of good can come out of difficult situations if we just know how to run to Him and rest in His love. Because in His love, comes faith to do the impossible, living and acting upon right decisions, even to extend gracious help to people in need. For when we fall out of His love and focus upon ourselves, we get lost in our own self righteousness and it hurts us even more than we know it.
God loves us, let Him.

Friday, August 24, 2012

NCC Worship Conference at EPCC

NCC worship team led us in a exuberant worship and Pastor Daniel(NCC worship pastor) shared about worshiping our Father in heaven.

courtesy of EPCC photographers
courtesy of EPCC photographers
Truly only Jesus made this selfless exchange, for which god would lower themselves just to save mere men.

Songwriting workshop with Karen who hails from Penang but is a music director in New Creation Church , Singapore.  

These are the songs that spoke and touched my heart during praise and worship. Be blessed with the songs, truly God's love is everything.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Creation Church Team is Coming To EPCC

For the next two nights I will be attending New Creation Church Worship Conference at EPCC. I have sign up for the Songwriting workshop and I do pray God imparts something I need through the them. There are four workshops (Songwriting, Album Production, Sound mix, Worship Leading) available but we can only choose one. Contemplating between Songwriting and Worship Leading, I settled on songwriting as I have only been to one seminar that includes songwriting tips. I have been to many worship leading seminar and though I never get tired of it, songwriting was just the choice for me now.

There are two songs I am currently listening on my laptop so be blessed as you worship along.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 Steps to Know God

Pastor Gillean Levick, our anointed, bright and colourful woman of God spoke in one of the churches at Butterworth one evening. The message was practical, profound and prophetic in the way that she spoke about knowing God. Her life testimonies tells it all, and you know when the glory of God is upon someone,they shine. It was an eventful night with laughters over dinner, prayer for a cancer patient and the Word of God delivered. I took my friend's notes on the preaching that night to share it with my readers here. It may not have the same impact as to hear it live but I hope these notes will somehow encourage your walk with God.

10 steps to know God (with some paraphrasing - mine)
1) Grateful heart
- be grateful with everything we have as we are already blessed, reach out and receive it. Gratefulness takes you away from worrying and opens the way for God to bless us. 

2) Be thankful
- in all things give thanks. There is no need to ask God, thank Him for what He's given and for the things He is going to give. Remember God works all things good for those who loves Him. God in His agape love wants to kiss our wounds to heal us. 

3) Praise God
- a merry heart is like a medicine, bringing health to our bones and mind.
- when our emotions are bossy taking the leader role, we become double minded, don't know the arthur from the martha. God gave us the spirit ability to be leaders, to lead over our emotions, to tell our emotions to behave when they are not. Praising God puts our focus on Him and not on our difficult situations.

4) Trusting God
God is the only one who is 100% trustable. He will never leave us nor forsake us.
Prov 3:5-6, James 1:2-4 - there are 2 roads to choose, which will you choose.
A)When difficult things happen in our life, throw a party and rejoice - God will make you laugh. If we are full of joy, it will bring change to our situation.
B) road of despair.distraction, arrested development, depression, destruction and this is where the devil wants us to be.

If you want to trust God, you must take risk in taking that 1st step to cross the river, and take the journey He has prepared for us. Our inheritance is a spirit of boldness, love, and if sound mind. 
When we are different, we will make a difference. It doesn't matter how people look at us, it matters how God look at us. 

5) Worship
When we learn to trust, we begin to worship. Our whole life is an act of worship. 

6) Obedience
-When we worship, we move into obedience... God is pleased when we obey
- Isaiah 1:19 when we are obedient, we will eat the fat of the land (we'll be blessed)
-Let's come into the Lords presence and not be afraid of our disobedience but repent and continuing on this journey with God. As we surrender unto Him, He will help us with our shortcomings and weaknesses.
A true story of this lady in the bus. Daily she takes the bus to work and one day, a voice told her to go to the Coke machine and do a headstand. She thought that was the devil and it must be crazy to do such a thing. Day after day, she kept hearing the same thing and finally she gave in and got out of the bus and did a headstand at the Coke machine and this man came down from the bus and asked her, "Why are you doing a headstand here?". She answered (probably in embarrassment) " Because God asked me to". He told her that He had asked if there is a God, let someone do a headstand at this machine. She was appalled but I believe she is so grateful a soul got saved because of her obedience to God. She asked God why did He picked her to do that and He said many had turned Him down and she was the only one who obeyed.

7) Intimacy
- intimacy with God brings freedom to be who we are. When the Son sets u free, you are free indeed
- Profess : I promise myself to be kind to myself , to forgive myself, to bless myself ,to make mistake so I can grow and develop true intimacy with God.. Amen

8) Authority
-When there's intimacy, we begin to know who we are and when we receive God's love, we can love ourselves, then loving others becomes easy.
-we hold the glory of God (ie the attributes and character of God)
-Rom 3:23 we hv fallen short of God's glory.  But we should not focus about our behavior, but God's glory
-Phil 1:20 even though Paul is in prison, and others think bad of him, as long as he bring glory to God, other things don't matter
- We have the authority, and when we pray, declare, and speak forth, things will happen
- Gen 1:20 Abraham left the land, sees Abimelech and lied about Sarah... He was looking at the king rather than God. Though Abimelech is innocent, God gave him a 'spanking' but Abraham got lifted off (Read more on the story at Genesis)
- Abraham was considered righteous because he believed God, not because of his behavior. Because he's righteous, God backed him up. God also gave us the same authority and will back us up.

9) The Power of God for us
- When we connect to the Source, miracles, healings, blessings comes into our life and through us we  are able to uplift another.

10) Dominion
-It does not mean lording over others but have victory over areas of our life, then we can be useful to others and help them to have victory. Remember that Christ lives in us, through us and for us.

There are 10 steps but they are not in anyway in sequence because each of us have different issues in life that needs alot of work on. Some of the steps for some might have already come to a certain level of maturity. So work on the areas that need working by the grace of God.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Will Rise

One morning, i came across this song " I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin and almost immediately I connected with the composition. I had words forming similarly when I was writing a song recently(though not complete) and this song speaks greatly to my heart.

There are times we come to crossroads and we wonder where are we at our Christian walk. Has our faith dwindled and priorities shifted to something that we never believed in? Jesus is gracious and loving to always point us back to the right direction. He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. The enemy plays thoughts of fear to cripple us, to make us digress and not progress. Let us remember where our strength should lie on, on the cross of Jesus Christ. His finished work, His promises to us are not history that is dead, it is hope and truth. Let us put our faith in Him. Do not be fooled by 'seeing is believing' concept, but believe and let the miracles ensue us knowing who is behind every miracle.

Beautiful words by Chris Tomlin

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm All Yours by Rachel Lampa

This was the song I was quoting in the God Speaks post I wrote last year , thanks to Shazam app I managed to find it! If you can't play it here, play it on YouTube. Here's the lyrics to the song.
(Yeah) People have been talking
About what I should do. 
But I just can’t listen, 
I keep in tune to You.

But I’m not gonna fall; 
I’m giving it all to You, my Lord. 
I’m not gonna fall
I’m giving it all to You... 
If I fix my eyes on You, 
Will You show me what to do? 
I’ll lay down my sorrows, 
I’m all Yours. (Oh, ooh, yeah, yeah)

If I could make the world
Fade away for just a moment
To be (to be) alone with You (with You)... 
Too many voices, 
Too many noises, 
Too many choices... 
Why can’t it be just You and me?

But I’m not gonna fall; 
I’m giving it all to You, my Lord. 
I’m not gonna fall, 
I’m giving it all to You, oh yeah... 
If I fix my eyes on You, 
Will You show me what to do? 
I’ll lay down my sorrows....

All that I can see is that they’re looking at me, 
But all I’ve ever wanted was for You to be
The only Thing that matters in my life to me. 
But Lord, You know, You know, You know.

Standing in the midst of the crowd, I cry out loud. 
Gonna give it all, I’ll be living it out loud. 
You are the King and the light in my eyes. 
Lord, You know I’m reaching for the prize He gave!

If I fix my eyes on You
Will You show me what to do? (oh, oh) 
I’ll lay down (I’ll lay down) my sorrows, 
I’m all, I’m all Yours, I’m all Yours! 

If I fix my eyes on You
Will You show me what to do? (oh, oh) 
(I’ll) lay down my sorrows, 
(I’m all) Yours (that’s right)...

I’m not gonna fall, 
I’m giving it all... 
I’m not gonna fall, 
I’m giving it all, yeah, oh-woah... 
I’m not gonna fall, 
I’m giving it all, woah, yeah... 
I’m not gonna fall, 
I’m giving it all, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah... 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Dove

Dove to most of us usually means peace of God. This morning I felt a strong sense of peace in my soul during worship in church. As we were praying in the spirit, my spiritual eyes opened and God showed me a vision of a dove flying high above. My physical eyes were closed but the vision of the dove is vivid and was there throughout the time of the prayer.

Dove also symbolizes the Holy Spirit and truly His spirit was moving among us in church. I was not really sure why God showed me the dove but all I felt this morning was perfect peace like I could not care less what's going around me but just God's presence with me and His assurance that I could always hang on to Him when things around does not look promising. You and I might be weak at certain point in our lives and it is during those times, His Grace will empower us so that we can stand against hardships, overcome our weaknesses, and we will emerge above and not beneath our problems, victorious because our God is with us.

Ps. Sam shared on this verse that I believe can encourage all of us including my readers here.

Hebrews 13: 20 - 21 (NKJV)

20 Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, 
21 make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you[a] what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Psalm 5:11-12 (NLT)

11 But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
    let them sing joyful praises forever.
Spread your protection over them,
    that all who love your name may be filled with joy.
12 For you bless the godly, O Lord;
    you surround them with your shield of love.

Remember His love and His work in You is not complete yet. You are not alone do it all, He is always watching us, and yearns for us to have Him be apart of us.
Remember He first loved us, He knit you and I in our mother's womb, none of us are an accidental.

Be blessed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Healer, Jesus

His ways are Higher,
His wisdom beyond our age,
His love is incomparable,
Yet, we believe Him,
Yet, we trust Him,
Yet, we feel Him.

I thank Him for healing a friend though it is still in the process of a complete healing but I believe that breakthrough will come. I am grateful though I have lost touch in a certain manner of serving Him but yet He brought the situation to me and put me in the position to lay hands and prayed for someone's healing of eczema. She might not have been completely healed but I thank Him anyway for her healing because I know my God is able. She shared her testimony today that her spiritual attacks have stopped and she is able to sleep in peace. She has continued to confess that she will be healed completely from eczema. Since her inflammation started, her emotions have totally gone haywire and in all this I'm glad she has turned to God for help besides seeking doctors counsel. God once again showed His love and care to His people.

Thank you , Lord.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Women Conference 2012 - Ps. Sandra Chin

The time has come for another year with Ps. Sandra Chin at our church for Women Conference. EPCC gave out goodie bag filled with magazines, vouchers, beauty samples and a very nice scarf  on the very first night. I told myself I will be taking more pictures this year however that didn't come pass.
The night started with an icebreaker, human bingo game and praise and worship. We also had workshops the next day, women 'thingy'.

In the conference, Ps. Sandra  shared with us about ( I will briefly say:
Person of Christ(who Redeemed us)
Just as with the Jewish culture, their arrangement of matchmaking and preparing for the bride, Jesus does it similar preparing the mansion for His bride (you and I) when He returns to sweep us off our feet. This is all besides the fact that Jesus has died for us on the Cross to be able to have us in this glorious position even while on earth. To have this relationship with Him.

Power of Christ (that Resurrect us)
John 10:10
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

God resurrect what was ours, what He has intended for us. The life of a Christian is to have a life of abundance and we have the resurrected Power to speak over anything in our life. We do not need to be succumbed by the pressures of this society or the negative vibes anyone puts on us but to have a grip and hold on who we are in Him.

and the Provision of Christ (that Releases us)
Parable of The Talents in Matt 25 speaks about how each individual used the talents(money) that was given. 
Christ provides that He might release us, releasing us to do great things and things that pleases God.
Some of us misused what God has given us or became laid-back and not activate the purpose of God in our lives. We need to come back to that place of connecting with God and allowing His power to resurrect us,back on track. Similarly to skills that we do not practice, we loose the hang of it, we might not lose the gifting God gave us, but it can become less productive or effective. 

We are stewards of our body, money and talents God gives us, it is our responsibility to use them to please Him. As we please Him, we please ourselves, His desires become our desires and as we all know, God's purposes is intended for good in all of us.

From her sharing, a lot of reminders came to mind and it settles on my heart to work on pleasing My Father. Glad we all had a little chat with Ps. Sandra, she is down to earth and approachable, a minister that can connect to people.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Revolution Day in History

5th of May became a day of Revolution,one that gave hope to almost over 250 people who made an important decision in their lives. When Ps. Kenneth gave the call, these people chose to give their hearts to Jesus. I am honored to be a witness and to be able to join the triumphant applause for them.

The evening started with a warm welcome by the ushers who cheers and claps you on as you enter. Soon, the countdown begins and boom, the party begins! We have performances from different churches which is ACTs dance team, EPCC dance team and The Rock dance team followed by guitar playing by Kelvyn Yeang rendering their band number and Amazing Grace. The worship team from Acts took us in an energetic, passionate praise and worship then Ps. Kenneth took the stand and started to share the message of love. How God loves, how God can, more than we ever know. His animated and hilarious stories sends laughter, giggles all over the stadium nevertheless when he speaks his passion of knowing who God is and what He can do, something in the atmosphere levels up. God is in the midst of us, stirring, healing, speaking, and showering His presence. So many encountered God and that is truly the most real thing you will discover in a Christian walk, encountering Him.

Lastly we had Juwita Suwito to perform a few songs, I enjoyed the songs very much.

It's a great joy when I saw so many people walking down from upstairs, from the aisles to the front of the stage, an act of faith. Revolution starts from the heart and then it spreads. If you would to know more about the movement, please visit

Here's some shots and watch the video to have a glimpse of last Saturday's event. See you next year in REVO PISA!

If you want to have another dose of revolution, check this out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revolution at Pisa 2012

Don't miss out on this if you are in Malaysia, bring your family and friends, it is a night to remember. Details are as below. You will no doubt be inspired by the speaker Rev. Kenneth Chin of Acts Church, He is also the author of Chin Up. Come with an open heart and let revival take place in Penang. Revival starts with us. 

This is what REVO at Pisa is all about, taken from REVO@PISA 2012 event
This history-making event, Revo@PISA is happening this coming 5th May 2012 at the biggest stadium in Penang, Penang International Sports Arena (PISA). It will be the first time that this venue will be used for a Christian event and this is a night not to be missed! 
We're a nation under construction, and it will take nothing less than true revival of lives to truly revolutionize our land. Revival is not an event, but a lifestyle. It's time to be the change this nation so desperately needs. This year, Revo digs deeper, hits harder & flies further. It will be all that you've heard of it to be...and more!

Date: 5th May 2012
Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)
Time: 6pm - 10pm

We're also celebrating the arts and local talents in Malaysia. We have special performances by Juwita Suwito, a renown singer & songwriter in Malaysia's music industry ( and Kelvyn Yeang (, a local born Penangnite with his incredible talent with guitar.

Not to be missed are also special dance performances by Lightbulb Productions, the dance ministry from ACTS Church in Klang Valley and also a Tamil dance group, Rock Dancers who has a high reputation with its live performances for events and also on national television, Astro.

This is not just an event for the youths of Penang. Everyone is invited to be a part of this history-making event of the year. You will definitely be inspired to be the Revolution on that night! Let us all bring Penang to the next level & to have a revival lifestyle!
We're a nation under construction, and it will take nothing less than true revival of lives to truly revolutionize our land. Revival is not an event, but a lifestyle. It's time to be the change this nation so desperately needs. This year, Revo digs deeper, hits harder & flies further. It will be all that you've heard of it to be...and more! 
Date: 5th May 2012Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)Time: 6pm - 10pm
We're also celebrating the arts and local talents in Malaysia. We have special performances by Juwita Suwito, a renown singer & songwriter in Malaysia's music industry ( and Kelvyn Yeang (, a local born Penangnite with his incredible talent with guitar. 
Not to be missed are also special dance performances by Lightbulb Productions, the dance ministry from ACTS Church in Klang Valley and also a Tamil dance group, Rock Dancers who has a high reputation with its live performances for events and also on national television, Astro. 
This is not just an event for the youths of Penang. Everyone is invited to be a part of this history-making event of the year. You will definitely be inspired to be the Revolution on that night! Let us all bring Penang to the next level & to have a revival lifestyle!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wisdom from James

The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure;then peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. ~ James 3:17
What a great definition of wisdom! My simplified understanding....
First purity ~ the wisdom we use comes from pure good motives and surely one that God approves.
Then peace loving ~ one that promotes peace and not war, resolving bad issues in love.
Considerate, submissive ~ be reasonable and be submitted to the ways of God
Full of mercy and good fruit ~ God has extended His mercy to us more times than we can ever remember therefore we need to extend mercy to others. Wisdom bears nothing but good fruit for it is from God.
Impartial and sincere ~ Like a judge's role is to bring justice, we who are a child of God cannot show impartiality but to be sincere in all dealing of matters.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our God Is Able

When I listen to this song, I felt my burdens a little bit lighter. 
I know my God is able, though I may go through impossible times, I know He is more than able to do unimaginable miracles and turn things into possibility for me.
Come and know this God, one that knows you inside out, one that will bring you to an eternal home after this.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chin Up

I've heard Ps. Kenneth Chin shared and preached a number of times and he never fails to inspire me to be a better person in all ways that God would want me to be. The first time I've heard his preaching was at GBC when I was around 14 or 15 years old(I cannot remember exactly) and the pledge we all took made a difference in our lives one way or another. Ps. Kenneth was giving us(youths) alot of thought provoking, dare to be different messages and that's where I found myself,  and who i am in Christ.
Well, I'm glad to know Ps. Kenneth and Ps. Sandra abit more through this biography. I felt like I already know him personally on a friendship level just by reading it. He has no idea who I am ofcourse. It's truly encouraging to see someone walking so closely to God and how God works through him to impact many lives that would have been lost if he did not heed the Father's call. God might find someone else to do it but Ps. Kenneth Chin stepped up to his calling. Now that's what I called a fulfilled life. It's written in a very simple manner, uncovering his life in many areas yet you can see God is in the centre of it all.

You may find yourself backsliding from your faith, or you have not know Jesus, pick up this book and know more about The One Up There through this man's life.

Chin up, y'all and face the world in full faith force and see God work miracles in your life. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My God Is Real

taken from Google image search

I admired how A.W Tozer phrases on having a genuine encounter with God. Truly that's what make our Christian walk real and not religious. We can't live out of others' experience with God, and say we know this and that. We need to live out of our encounters with God and in life itself testifies "My God is real"
"Is it not true that for most of us who call ourselves Christians there is no real experience? We have substituted theological ideas for an arresting encounter, we are full of religious notions, but our great weakness is that of our hearts there is no one there. Whatever else it embrace , true Christian experience must always include a genuine encounter with God. 
Without this, religion is but a shadow, a reflection of reality, a cheap copy of an original once enjoyed by someone else whom we have heard.
- A.W. Tozer

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Worship Songwriting Ideas

I've been wanting to write songs and I did attempt a few, prayerfully. And hopefully I can find time again to seek God for songs that will minister to people. I'm glad two songs I did for childrens' camp(praise song) was well-liked by the teachers and the children. Thank you, Lord!
Tonight I stumbled upon some songwriters sharing their ideas and experience and thought I share it here. Hope it inspires you too!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Chains Are Gone (Amazing Grace)

"Amazing Grace 
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see"

I was born again at the age of 12. Though I was born into a Christian family, but my spiritual eyes was opened at 12. I experienced God's love and His touch was as real as raindrops falling on my face. I looked back and I'm grateful to Him who saved me and brought me through healing of many things that I went through and He continues to mold and shape me to being the 'me' that He has willed. I'm a work in progress and through my weaknesses, His strength pulls all things together to help me overcome. Perfected in my weakness.

Why do people look at the stars for their future or horoscopes to determine their day when they can ask the One who made the stars and universe. Our future is in His hands and the choices we choose to make. Stay free for His Truth has already set us free.

Monday, February 6, 2012

God's Word , My Shield

The rugged worn out blue notebook holds many writings and teachings I learned from reading God's Word, preaching, books, prophecies, my own preparations for sharing and I felt grounded whenever I go through this book. It was like a start of my spiritual journey and though I stopped at three quarter of the notebook, my journey did go on without the notebook Now it seems like one of my new notebook is a virtual one. :)

I decided to write what I shared many years ago when I was in the youth group. I was given an opportunity to give an exhortation of any bible verse. I picked Psalms 119:11 " I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you"

What spoke to me then was the intent of the psalmist that seems so pure. David the psalmist reveals his love for God and not wanting to hurt Him by sinning against Him, he hides His Word. Hidden means to treasure, to conceal. When you treasure something till you want to hide it, it means a lot to you. And you do anything to keep it there, for his case, he wants to keep it in his heart. 

This reminded me of the song A Pure Heart which one lines says " A heart that hides Your Word, so that sin may not come in" The Word of God is like a shield, keeping us from sinning and protecting sin from coming in. We all sin and fall short of His glory but Jesus righteousness make us right with God. But as long as we are on this earth, the roaring lion will try to devour us, making us as far away from God as possible. Our part is living the way God wants us to and our guide is His Word, and His Spirit convicts and teaches us.

I went to look for the old song in youtube and I found another version but its great and just as the song has ministered to him, it has also ministered to me then and also now. May it minister to you too and draw you closer to Him.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Distinction From God

I didn't know what to expect when I was asked to collect my piano theory results. It was one of those exams where it mind boggles and you walk out unsure if your answers are right. And one mistake in certain questions will affect other parts of the question.
God took care of my needs through out my exam week a few months ago. By the way I mistaken the exam date for the following week or so. And it truly was an adrenaline rush of uncertainty and I quickly message my piano tutor. I remembered my tutor asking me if i have taken leave to study.I said no. I really did not think of that at all. So I juggled between life,work and study.
Friday came,it was just a day before my exam. I started having flu after lunch. While sneezing away, i tried to study and then rest right after. Not to mention I was suppose to play guitar for cell group that night, I was not able to relax, thinking if i should not go 'cos if i do go i will be back late normally and the next morning I will need to wake up 7.30am to run through my study notes. Exam was at 9.30am the next morning. Negative thoughts disturbed me the whole day.
I told myself as long as I pass, I guess that's fine but deep inside me I felt I could get better than that. I gave God my thoughts and worries yet I felt like an elephant has sat on my back. Then God reminded me about honoring Him and He will honor me. Deja vu on my SPM year played in my mind, God knows I did my best. And He kept His Word. This time His best for me is to exercise that same faith again on His Word. So finally i decided to play guitar and attend the whole CG meeting. Thankfully God took away my non stop sneezing during that period of time. And I also like to thank the Cg brothers and sisters as well as friends who had prayed for me.
Things didn't get easier as I had hoped,went home sneezing and running nose returned. Fever also had seeped in and bugged me mad so I took extra med and did my last bit of study that night and went to sleep. I woke up a few times in the night not feeling so good. Here comes morning...
Fast forwarding to my exam hall,I thank God the air condition was not working too well,I'd like to think that was God-doing for my sake but poor others who complained till they had to bring in a standing fan.
When I am not that cold I have less tendency to sneeze(which saved me from a ton of embarrassment) but my nose was still running,fever under controlled. I completed my exam in 2 and a half hour. The more I checked the more mistakes I see, thank God for revealing it to me before submission.
Then I went home to rest till my body recovered from the flu and fever. What a day it was. My knee was wobbly by the time I finish because of the flu and fever exhaustion.
Though it was a tough ordeal, I'm glad to have experience God's hand on me throughout the time. Someone I truly can hang on to and He knows best as to what I could handle or what I could not. The results came quite as a surprise.
It is never easy to trust God and take the harder path but easier to give up. One thing that God has always taught me is to put Him first instead of putting work or studies above Him. He also wants to let us know that He is in control of our life situations.  I have my moments that I have failed to follow His ways but all I can say is, He truly honors us when we honor Him. His Word remains faithful no matter what our human wisdom tells us.
I hope my testimony will be inspire you to allow God to take your faith to another level. Be assured as well that no matter how many times we fall, be sure to know He is still there when you get back up.