Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chin Up

I've heard Ps. Kenneth Chin shared and preached a number of times and he never fails to inspire me to be a better person in all ways that God would want me to be. The first time I've heard his preaching was at GBC when I was around 14 or 15 years old(I cannot remember exactly) and the pledge we all took made a difference in our lives one way or another. Ps. Kenneth was giving us(youths) alot of thought provoking, dare to be different messages and that's where I found myself,  and who i am in Christ.
Well, I'm glad to know Ps. Kenneth and Ps. Sandra abit more through this biography. I felt like I already know him personally on a friendship level just by reading it. He has no idea who I am ofcourse. It's truly encouraging to see someone walking so closely to God and how God works through him to impact many lives that would have been lost if he did not heed the Father's call. God might find someone else to do it but Ps. Kenneth Chin stepped up to his calling. Now that's what I called a fulfilled life. It's written in a very simple manner, uncovering his life in many areas yet you can see God is in the centre of it all.

You may find yourself backsliding from your faith, or you have not know Jesus, pick up this book and know more about The One Up There through this man's life.

Chin up, y'all and face the world in full faith force and see God work miracles in your life. :)

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