Monday, January 16, 2012

A Distinction From God

I didn't know what to expect when I was asked to collect my piano theory results. It was one of those exams where it mind boggles and you walk out unsure if your answers are right. And one mistake in certain questions will affect other parts of the question.
God took care of my needs through out my exam week a few months ago. By the way I mistaken the exam date for the following week or so. And it truly was an adrenaline rush of uncertainty and I quickly message my piano tutor. I remembered my tutor asking me if i have taken leave to study.I said no. I really did not think of that at all. So I juggled between life,work and study.
Friday came,it was just a day before my exam. I started having flu after lunch. While sneezing away, i tried to study and then rest right after. Not to mention I was suppose to play guitar for cell group that night, I was not able to relax, thinking if i should not go 'cos if i do go i will be back late normally and the next morning I will need to wake up 7.30am to run through my study notes. Exam was at 9.30am the next morning. Negative thoughts disturbed me the whole day.
I told myself as long as I pass, I guess that's fine but deep inside me I felt I could get better than that. I gave God my thoughts and worries yet I felt like an elephant has sat on my back. Then God reminded me about honoring Him and He will honor me. Deja vu on my SPM year played in my mind, God knows I did my best. And He kept His Word. This time His best for me is to exercise that same faith again on His Word. So finally i decided to play guitar and attend the whole CG meeting. Thankfully God took away my non stop sneezing during that period of time. And I also like to thank the Cg brothers and sisters as well as friends who had prayed for me.
Things didn't get easier as I had hoped,went home sneezing and running nose returned. Fever also had seeped in and bugged me mad so I took extra med and did my last bit of study that night and went to sleep. I woke up a few times in the night not feeling so good. Here comes morning...
Fast forwarding to my exam hall,I thank God the air condition was not working too well,I'd like to think that was God-doing for my sake but poor others who complained till they had to bring in a standing fan.
When I am not that cold I have less tendency to sneeze(which saved me from a ton of embarrassment) but my nose was still running,fever under controlled. I completed my exam in 2 and a half hour. The more I checked the more mistakes I see, thank God for revealing it to me before submission.
Then I went home to rest till my body recovered from the flu and fever. What a day it was. My knee was wobbly by the time I finish because of the flu and fever exhaustion.
Though it was a tough ordeal, I'm glad to have experience God's hand on me throughout the time. Someone I truly can hang on to and He knows best as to what I could handle or what I could not. The results came quite as a surprise.
It is never easy to trust God and take the harder path but easier to give up. One thing that God has always taught me is to put Him first instead of putting work or studies above Him. He also wants to let us know that He is in control of our life situations.  I have my moments that I have failed to follow His ways but all I can say is, He truly honors us when we honor Him. His Word remains faithful no matter what our human wisdom tells us.
I hope my testimony will be inspire you to allow God to take your faith to another level. Be assured as well that no matter how many times we fall, be sure to know He is still there when you get back up.