Monday, May 6, 2013

Jesus Will Still Be There

Its a comfort itself knowing that no matter what tomorrow may brings be it a difficult, happy or an unexpected situation, Jesus will still be there for us. It can be disheartening at times thinking how I disappoint Him with my actions or non-actions, but I'm assured that He will be around to mold me and guide my paths that I'm always learning and becoming more like Him. He is a God of no Condemnation, and while people around us may judge us, or be impatient with us, our God is beyond the wise, He is Wisdom.

In our weakness we can find His strength and I can see it evident in my life and I'm grateful.

I seriously wouldn't know how I will turn out if it weren't meeting Jesus at the age of 12 years old. 

I hope this song will be a comfort and an encouragement in your life right now. Amen.