Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Saved Me From Being Blind

God Saved Me From Being Blind
      I just passed my driving test at 17 years old. Few days after that, there was a prophetic conference on the other side of the island from where I lived. Excited to drive my friends, I picked them up one by one. They were staying even further from the conference place than I am. The fun began. Driving in my dads old little Honda Civic, everything was a breeze. Enjoying my sweet ride with my two friends, we seemed to cover alot of Penang Island(Malaysia) I felt.

     The two elderly prophets that came that night, shared an uplifting message and prophesied on almost everyone that attended. Everyone was lining up in long lines to receive from the Lord through them. Although I can't remember every detail of the prophesy spoken to me, I remembered the lady saying God had plans for me, plans for me to use my gifts for His purpose. And right after the conference, we went to visit our youth pastor who lived not far from the church we went. So by the time I drove all the way to the other side of the Island to drop my friends and coming back down to my place , it was nearly midnight.

      There were not alot of cars, and along the road that leads to my house, I heard bikers riding fast past me. Then they stopped to talk and I passed them. But just as I was turning right to the road, one of bikers were riding so fast and he was trying overtake me as I turned, as a result he rammed into my side and they flew. The rider and the passenger flew into a car that was parked at the corner of the road and I believed that's what saved them. Glass shattered into my car, I saw tiny pieces of glass flew right passed my eyes. My eyelashes fluttered as they passed. The guys were unconscious but they were not seriously injured.

       It was a big ordeal that night. People around who didn't witnessed what happened were only concerned for the injured and thought I'm to be blamed. I walked out with minimal scratches on my hands but my seat was full of cut glasses.God saved me that night from getting blind.

       First of all, He saved me from death, because if the bike were to rammed into me in a different angle, I probably could die of a head injury. The car window that broke and were flying through my direction, it was like watching a movie in slow motion. My face could have been scarred or badly cut. Glass could have flown right through my eyeballs but it flew right passed my eyelashes. I could remember it like was yesterday.

       God has a purpose for me not to be blind or dead, and there were other incidents that He saved me when I was younger. Had he not, I would have been disabled. Another story, another day.

      Life doesn't always unfold in the manner I had envision, and I do get lost in the pursuit of happiness. Slowly and steadily in His own rhythm, God never walks away and He is always trying put me back on the road I should be whenever I waver. Sometimes it takes years. However long, He will be there for us for all the ups and downs.

Don't stop believing in God's plan and love.