Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is God silent?

When God seem silent yet you need Him what do you do?

 1. Listen to songs God has inspired artists to compose. Most recently I listened alot to Kari Jobe  " What Love Is This" and "You Are For Me". If you are more musically inclined, this could work well. Some songs can help us prepare to receive from Him.

2. Read testimonies of those who had gone through trials and how God worked in their situations. Then try reading Psalms or I like to use my Touchpoint Bible as it has topics and it points you to verses that concerns the topic. Very helpful.

 3. Talk to someone you trust who can be a lending ear, one whose words you can respect and receive. Someone that can pray for you, look out for you.

4. Be in the presence of God in a church or cell group. You can be in the presence of God anytime or anywhere but when you are down and being alone does not help, then its best to be with a group worshipping and listening to God's Word.

 All the above are some  ways to get closer to God. For depressing moments, everything can seem cloudy and you cant see Him even if He is just two feet away. The point is not to give up or give way to something that is not right. There is a bunch of wrong things all of us may be capable of and probably regret later. Just remember God is always for you, not against you. Stay close to Him in all situations, no matter what, hang on to any bit of Him you can hold onto. Cos, thats all it takes for Him to know that you want Him in.

Kari Jobe -You Are For Me video