Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God Speaks....

"Too many noises, 

Too many choices,

Too many voices,

Why can't it be, just You and me!"

This tune just keep running in my head but i could not remember the song. I know its from a christian contemporary singer and I had this song in one of my cd collection. The song reminds me of what we face each day with choices, noises, and voices of many people including ourselves. Sometimes I wish I have a special earphone which tunes in to God only channel when I need them. However, no such ting, he he...

God wants us to train our spiritual ears to capture His voice, and that has to come with constant communication and spending in His presense. Have you ever had anyone tell you, that God says," I trust you with My Word ".in relation to using His Word for a purpose. What does that mean? I'm still searching for that answer wondering what purposes God will use me to exercise and use His Word. Trust is big word, which comes with big responsibilities.

My prayer today is that God will help me eliminate the unnecessary noises and voices so that I will always pick the better choices.

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