Monday, May 11, 2015

Pain Threshold leads to God Dependence

Recently it dawned on me that my threshold for pain is huge. Well, in my definition at least. Since I was small, I barely complain of being sick or in pain. I remembered when one of my tooth was about to fall out like hanging by a string, I didn't tell my parents and pull it out myself. I think I never gotten down to telling them.

I have quite a number of stories but the most recent, I was on my way back from Sydney with friends. when we were just half hour away from landing at Kuala Lumpur, my ears and my head was hurting as if a bomb was going explode inside my head. My nose was also experiencing tightening. I had no idea what's happening, the pain was excruciating I thought I might die if something did burst inside me and yet I didn't call out for help. Neither did I show the extent of my pain to my friend, so no one took it seriously.

I bent down my head and stayed still as best as I could, breathing extremely slow because every breath I took in makes the pressure and pain in my head worse. In all this turmoil, my spirit cried out to God for help, a cry of helplessness and fear. Telling him "please make it stop, I don't know how to shout for help" , "the pain is killing me and I have not felt this before".
Moments later, it subdued a little, I could move a little, I didn't know how to sit or even to breathe for that matter, afraid the attack will come back.
God knew and understood who I am and what I was not able to do. He healed me from whatever that might have happened. He intervened for if He did not and I remained in that pain, I wouldn't be able to get off the plane like a normal person.  Those 15min of excruciating torment made me feel alone and unsure of what's next.

I'm truly grateful for His understanding and intervention. I consider this experience as God saving me again.

My life is His and truly I submit this body of mine to Him. I will accept only His time for my departure away from this earth to my heavenly home. I can only pray that I will be able to do my best to care for the body He has given me.

And just recently I researched and found out its called aerosinusitis. If you Google it, you would be able to find out more. A good awareness for people with sinus.