Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bob Fitts Concert Tour 2012

 I have listened to Bob Fitts since I was 12 years old and I can never forget how his songs has connected me to my heavenly Father during my quiet time. The concert brought many memories to me and has lifted my spirit to worship Him. God's awesome presence filled the hall and hands were raised to praise Him. WOA did a great job accompanying Bob Fitts in his music and the backup singers harmonizes so melodiously. Kudos to the band and backup singers.

It's so sweet for the wife Kathy to stand and worship with Bob throughout his leading of worship. Thanks Bob for the encouraging and uplifting message and songs you have shared with us throughout the concert. Many of us are blessed.

This is a clip I took during the concert. A beautiful song ' He Is Lovely'.

These youths probably have not heard many of his songs but it's great that they came to experience a this meaningful praise and worship event. The songs sung are those that I used to worship during youth meetings. Worship is an expression of love to God and songs that we sing should be the vehicle that brings us to the presence of God. To fixed our eyes on Jesus and enjoying His presence.
Youths enjoying the concert
Manage to grab his latest CD ' Called To Worship'
Thanks Bob and Kathy for gracing us with your presence and blessing us with your worship leading. Do come visit Penang again or one day we'll come visit you in Hawaii, haha!:D

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