Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Notes from an old Notebook

 Once in a while I find myself writing in my notebook. I love notebooks, I collect and use it when I can, if not it remains a collection. This post is dated in October, 2008 in one of my Thought-Keeping Notebook where I write about what God speaks to me through everyday things in life. And it was written:
                I have not been to the hair salon for quite awhile in terms of hair keeping. Although I still have a degree of curls since my last perm, I encountered a lot of difficult knots that I can’t seem to disentangle it.  Then it dawned on me, God shows me if we don’t upkeep our spiritual faith, temple-keeping, consciousness of God’s Word, we would end up with a lot of ‘knots’ in our life.  They could become bondages.  It can get to the point when our desires become too drawn to the tantalizing ways of this world and the need for God is lessen.
                The saying goes “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”
I need to take care of my hair to avoid the knots becoming a dead knot because when it does I will have to cut it off.  And so its the same with our everyday living, we want to avoid bad consequences. He reminded me that it’s only logical for me to care for the temple of the Holy Spirit(our body) which He resides in. With a simple fact that He is in me. To honour God with my words and actions as well as my physical body is what God desires from us.  Easier said than done but the key is to always try with His help. Depending on our own strength can get pretty short lived however with God's help, it gets easier and we become a stronger person.
It’s great that we have a loving and gracious God ‘cos we can never meet His standards yet He cares to help us out, He forgives us and never leave us, and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us more. He loves us just as we are.


I love dancing more than playing an instrument or singing and even though I have stopped dancing on stage for many years now, it was probably for the best. For I know my weakness and I may not have been strong enough to withstand certain things like I would have probably gotten into a crowd I might regret or dancing in ways I might not please God.  I still love music , rhythm and melody always gets to me. Although I have only danced in church a few times, I have not felt that it was my calling to be in that ministry just yet. Yet to be known where that ministry is concern.
Everyone has their own giftings and callings, I pray we all find it soon enough to live it out and if you are already living it, continue to use it for His glory. 

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