Thursday, October 2, 2014

Head Injury Deterred

A sudden loud glass shattering sound came from below. I ran downstairs thinking if Daddy has fallen or dropped something. Trying find the source of the sound, I came to my piano room. Here's the damage:
Glass table was broken
The ceiling fault area

God saved me again. The very spot I sit while teaching kids at the piano, is the exact spot the big piece of white cement fell on. Recently we moved the glass table in the room, therefore with little space, I end up sitting at the edge of the table while overseeing my students play the piano. My title says head injury deterred,but I wondered if God saved me from death. Again.

I went upstairs and said a little thank you to Daddy in heaven for literally watching over my head or shoulders. Literally calculating the distance and the impact towards either my head or shoulder if I was sitting there working.

My heart may skipped a beat but the same time a heave of gratefulness / relief seeps in.

Other times He Saved me.
Escaped Death Through His Peace

God Saved Me From Being Blind

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