Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let Our Faith Be Stronger

'Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,
Let me walk upon the waters, where ever you would call me,
Take me deeper that my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger, In the presence of my Savior.

As much as this is the favourite part of the song, where my heart's desires resonates with its words, fear still grips me of not knowing. And I believe many times, the fear of the unknown stops us from moving forward. Truly this is my prayer, and God knows it.

We are made to be a channel of God's blessings and there is so much to do to bring peace, love and connection between God and His people. May we find our true calling.

The original full song from Hillsong United. I love acoustic versions, where everything sounds simple and clear. Love this video.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I Escaped Death Through His Peace

     A few blog post away, I wrote about how God saved my life or my face during a car accident. Rewinding further back till my early teens. I had another divine intervention and for this reason, I’m still in one piece today.
I had just taught a good friend of mine how to ride a bicycle for a few days and she was ready to go on the road. Guys and girls of her neighbourhood got together and we went bike riding around Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. I think there were around 6 of us. My friend and I borrowed bikes from the neighbours.
We came to a part where it was quite hilly but steep and we were at the top of it. I forgot to mention that my friend who had just learn to cycle, was having the bicycle with a little brake malfunction. For the brake to work, you have to brake earlier than usual. Anyway, we were deciding to go down hill, it was pretty steep. I was game for the thrill but then my friend said she didn’t dare because of the brakes. So I offered to change my bicycle with hers thinking that I would probably handle the bike better, and not knowing the science of gravity hard enough, I went ahead with it.

     As for the science of gravity, we all know that with high speed, faulty brakes probably don’t work that well. And that’s exactly what happened. I could not slow down, I was going in high speed down the hill into a road of passing cars,
I tried to slow down the speed with my slipper(never wear slippers for outdoor activities like this), my toe bleed abit, I couldn’t do more. My only option was to pray and hope I don’t bang into any cars. As I was nearing the main road, I had a sudden peace that came over me and I gradually turn my bike  out to the road like I was doing a usual turn. With all that uncontrollable speed, I thought I would have fallen and slide sideways and bang cars or something but I had a smooth turn and I managed to turn into the next road and steadily slowed down the bicycle till I was able to jump out and stop entirely.
     If I had panicked, I probably ride straight into the passing cars and I would have flown off my bicycle, no doubt.

     My friend was dumbfounded and wasn’t sure what had happened and she said I was going so fast. No one knew my brakes didn’t work because I didn’t scream , shout to them or showed any sort of discomfort with the bicycle. None of them followed after me as they were not sure what had happened. They came after I had reach the other road.
Philipians 4:9 ‘The peace that transcends all understanding’ became an experience for me through this ordeal. God saved me through His peace that I escaped death or disability. All because His peace pulled me through safely. His hands guided my hands, made me more skillful than I have ever been. Thank you, Jesus!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Grace - The Name God Gave

       Grace is my name and I never quite grasp its meaning because there is too many.

• As always we give grace to others in order to give them time to complete a task.
•We say grace to give thanks to the Lord for the food we are about to partake.
• Ladies dressed with poise and grace to exude their outer beauty.
• A ballet dancer dances with grace across the stage.
• We are graced with the presence of people we love into our homes.
•God's grace is His unmerited favour.

     Most recent I heard is Jesus is Grace. There is one thing I cannot deny which is the word or name Grace although common because people love the name, has an elegance and simplicity to its name.

      I am Grace since birth, a name bestowed to me by my parents. I have been told and assured by a pastor who prayed over me, who doesn't know me at all that God chose that name for me. Why was it significant to tell me,God? And as I too look back, I can't help but felt like the name did embrace me and slowly made me its home. I suppose this is something personal to me. Among all the meaning of grace, the most profound and meaningful to me is God's Grace, the unmerited favour.

        Just as a bullet is about to reach your beating heart, in the nick of the time, Jesus stands over you and took the bullet in His. That bullet might have been an accusation, a bad curse, a sickness, misfortune that was supposed to enter into your life,but Jesus changes the scenario and took the pain you were meant to take. Do we deserve such gracious treatments at times?

        One syllable, one word, short and sweet yet powerful. We are saved by grace and I constantly try to remember to thank God for His unmerited favour, for I do not want to take His grace for granted.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Moses Moment

     I never thought my camera would capture the red rays coming out of the sun through this fascinating tree (which made me took the picture in the first place). Each time I look at this picture, I cant help but think of God's presence.

     Experiencing God's glory is always an unforgettable one, and it usually happens during worship in my case. Its when we give ourselves in submission and with a sincere approach,  we will meet Him. Time stood still as I recalled, and I couldn't help but lift my face upward. Nothing seems to matter but the moment. Awesome was all I can describe. It was like a Moses moment when God came to him at the burning bush except I didn't feel a need to cover my face. I was on my knees, and He surrounded me with His loving presence, so comforting and peaceful.

     O sweet presence of God, how I long for an outpouring of Your spirit where nothing matters but You.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

10,000 Reasons

Do you have a reason to worship the Lord?
When you have a glimpse, a taste, a touch of His Love, there are 10,000 reasons to and no excuse not to.
A number to figuratively say there are no reasons not to worship God.
Bless His name!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back in Focus-Through the Eyes of God

     When you look into the vastness of the sea, the bed of sands and the distance of the skies, what does it make you think of creation and The Creator.

Reading the wondrous Word of God before  the sunrise

I feel an emotional attachment to creation in general whenever I allow my thoughts to dwell on the fact that God intricately designed it. And that life is bigger than what the eyes can see or touch.

"Colossians 1:16 - For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:"

"Genesis 2:7 - And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

There are moments we lose focus on what's true, that is, God is the creator of everything visible and invisible and we belong to Him and so everything around us, living or non living. When you allow this truth to permeate your being, the revelation of God's love becomes more vivid. At this moment, you can find yourself in total dependence and surrender into God' s loving arms.

I believe God wants us to manage our responsibility in taking care of the things or people that God entrust in our life with care, love and with a sense of complete submission to God's ways. He knows we will fail occasionally but He believes that we can make right decisions as well through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that lives within us.

Religion is just a term with little substance that may drive us to an insecurity state. Having a relationship with God opens our eyes to see His grace and His power working around us. Let us stand in our rightful position with God as our compass in life and experience breakthroughs as well as helping others to have a breakthrough in their life. To live in the freedom that God has already given us and have fellowship with our Maker unrelentingly.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Saved Me From Being Blind

God Saved Me From Being Blind
      I just passed my driving test at 17 years old. Few days after that, there was a prophetic conference on the other side of the island from where I lived. Excited to drive my friends, I picked them up one by one. They were staying even further from the conference place than I am. The fun began. Driving in my dads old little Honda Civic, everything was a breeze. Enjoying my sweet ride with my two friends, we seemed to cover alot of Penang Island(Malaysia) I felt.

     The two elderly prophets that came that night, shared an uplifting message and prophesied on almost everyone that attended. Everyone was lining up in long lines to receive from the Lord through them. Although I can't remember every detail of the prophesy spoken to me, I remembered the lady saying God had plans for me, plans for me to use my gifts for His purpose. And right after the conference, we went to visit our youth pastor who lived not far from the church we went. So by the time I drove all the way to the other side of the Island to drop my friends and coming back down to my place , it was nearly midnight.

      There were not alot of cars, and along the road that leads to my house, I heard bikers riding fast past me. Then they stopped to talk and I passed them. But just as I was turning right to the road, one of bikers were riding so fast and he was trying overtake me as I turned, as a result he rammed into my side and they flew. The rider and the passenger flew into a car that was parked at the corner of the road and I believed that's what saved them. Glass shattered into my car, I saw tiny pieces of glass flew right passed my eyes. My eyelashes fluttered as they passed. The guys were unconscious but they were not seriously injured.

       It was a big ordeal that night. People around who didn't witnessed what happened were only concerned for the injured and thought I'm to be blamed. I walked out with minimal scratches on my hands but my seat was full of cut glasses.God saved me that night from getting blind.

       First of all, He saved me from death, because if the bike were to rammed into me in a different angle, I probably could die of a head injury. The car window that broke and were flying through my direction, it was like watching a movie in slow motion. My face could have been scarred or badly cut. Glass could have flown right through my eyeballs but it flew right passed my eyelashes. I could remember it like was yesterday.

       God has a purpose for me not to be blind or dead, and there were other incidents that He saved me when I was younger. Had he not, I would have been disabled. Another story, another day.

      Life doesn't always unfold in the manner I had envision, and I do get lost in the pursuit of happiness. Slowly and steadily in His own rhythm, God never walks away and He is always trying put me back on the road I should be whenever I waver. Sometimes it takes years. However long, He will be there for us for all the ups and downs.

Don't stop believing in God's plan and love.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Divine Exchange

Every now and then we need a reminder of how blessed we are, we have hands and feet while Nick Vujicic does not since birth.

. We have occupations while some are mentally retarded that they are not able to support themselves.

.  The grass is always greener on the other side as we compare those better off than us for our innate nature is ' I want more '. We have physical,mental, emotional vacuum that never seem to be near full no matter how blessed we might be.

. So what is this vacuum that seems so empty that cannot be satisfied. As long as we live on earth,humanly it's almost unachievable to be satisfied, but there is a place of contentment when we have a good relationship with God. Only He can fill that vacuum. Do not expect to be filled once and all be perfect. Its a continual daily affair, to be in commune with Him.

. We need to come to him AS constant as we can to be filled with the right substance. We need to begin by letting go our thoughts, concerns, and our will in e×change for His divine outpouring.

. Declare this verse: “I do not allow the worries of this world or the deceitfulness of riches or the lusts of other things to enter into my heart and choke the Word. I am determined to bear much fruit.” —Mark 4:19-20

About Nick Vujicic and his ministry visit Life without Limbs. You will be inspired without a shadow of a doubt.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jesus Will Still Be There

Its a comfort itself knowing that no matter what tomorrow may brings be it a difficult, happy or an unexpected situation, Jesus will still be there for us. It can be disheartening at times thinking how I disappoint Him with my actions or non-actions, but I'm assured that He will be around to mold me and guide my paths that I'm always learning and becoming more like Him. He is a God of no Condemnation, and while people around us may judge us, or be impatient with us, our God is beyond the wise, He is Wisdom.

In our weakness we can find His strength and I can see it evident in my life and I'm grateful.

I seriously wouldn't know how I will turn out if it weren't meeting Jesus at the age of 12 years old. 

I hope this song will be a comfort and an encouragement in your life right now. Amen.