Monday, August 10, 2009

Be Angry But Don't Blow It

I'm currently re-reading this book.Excellent reading.We all have anger issues occasionally, something that is inevitable. What we hope to achieve is to not sin in anger and Lisa Bevere, the author of this book brings you insights of how to manage our anger successfully.It is practical and realistic especially when the author shares her testimony, how she cries out to God and found the help she needs. If you would like to have a preview of the book before purchasing CLICK HERE


  1. Anger problem? hmm. Hardly I have anger problem.. not easily angered which I believe is a good thing right? haha. Need to watch that show starring adam sandler, Anger Management if i'm not mistaken

  2. Ya it's good you are not easily angered. Different people face it differently,some its a once in a while thing, some keeps it inside till they blow, some has short fuse but recover fast, etc.

    I watched anger management, cant remember all but pretty good show.

  3. hey Sue,whats your most angered moment.What would you advice your readers or fans to do? or perhaps you can tell me over lunch?

    wow Mr Danny you hardly blow? Kindly share your most vexing situation / how you overcome it or secrets of self-restraint??
    I have seldom seen anyone I know well, that has hardly lost their cool, given the right situation! If you are that man, do share how you would overcome getting angry in vexing situations for eg: if your girlfriend flirted with an old boyfriend or a cruel neighbor mistreated your close friend or sister or if you were belittled infront of your boss or close friends?

  4. For me, I choose to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Law of Attraction is cool!

  5. Hi Dunamiz - I have different types of angered moment that i have gone through, hard to explain here.let me do my best...
    I would advice if your angered moment was going to cause you to be violent,stay away from what's making you angry to cool yourself down.Don't talk to anyone but God and until and unless you have more control of yourself, then start thinking through what has happened and then find solution to it. Different situations calls for different solutions.To me, its important how we channel our anger at that moment before we blow it.It's never easy, but it gets better the more we try.God bless!

    Hi Jimi - what is 'The Secret' all about? These books helps you deal with anger?

  6. Thanks Madam Sue for your advice & admonition.Dealing with anger is not so easy but yes of cos if surrendered persistently unto God it is possible to overcome.So does your anger cause you to resort to violence?

    O Mr Jimi, Please do tell how does 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne or the Law of Attraction helps one deal with anger???