Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's You

Years ago, my friends and I traveled by bus to a 24hours worship and prayer meeting at Tabernacle of David, KL. It was an awesome time praising and worshiping God together with an assemble of people who are hungry for God. Banners, tambourines, ribbons and shofar were all played beautifully unto the Lord.I came to know the pastor's daughter Michelle and she was kind to give my two other friends and I,a CD of her youth group's new album Beyond. Thank you Michelle. The one song that has always touched my heart is the song It's You. It's that feeling that you know it's God in you and He is filling you with His joy and love that makes you connect with the song. I love to lead the church with this song when we are deep in worship. In the link that I gave, its a new version of the song. Melody is still the same.

Its You
When I feel my heart soar,
When I feel my spirit lifted up,
I know, its You.
When I feel it bubbling over,
When I feel such joy I can't explain
I know, its You.

It's You, my Jesus I know it's You,
You've come to set me free,
I lift my hands in worship to Your Name,
It's You, my Lord I know it's You,
Your presence is in this place,
I bow in Your name.

When I feel so clean and new,
When I feel like soaring high above,
I know it's You
When I feel such healing inside,
When I feel Your love surrounding me,
I know it's You.

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