Sunday, May 10, 2009

Failing Forward by John Maxwell

Recommended reading: thumbs up! Reality: everything we read that is good is futile if we don't apply the right things at the right time. On the contrary, what we read will be in our brain's database and when situations crop up, we may just know what to use.

This book is about surviving a fall, regaining your stand and heading forward. There is no such thing as giving up. This book will inspire you to look for opportunities instead of waiting for one to land at your feet. Making things happen no matter how small it might be, taking every problem as a stepping stone for something better. There are a lot of testimonies and lessons you can learn from real life experiences written in this book.

John Maxwell is one of my favorite author and this is one of his best. My first John Maxwell reading is The Winning Attitude and that has helped shape my thoughts on building character in line with the word of God. Bless young readers with this book. It will do wonders.

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