Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time of Faith

It was the first day of class for a new teacher and a new student at my studio, but I knew the area where my studio is will not have electricity. It was stated in the memo that it will be off from 
10am -7pm.
In my heart, I did pray that it would all end by 5pm, the time of the class. So I didn't cancel or postponed the time. I wanted to have their first class running smoothly. You could say it was a risk taken in the natural. And if the electricity doesn't come on in time, class will be canceled.

At 4.25, the teacher came early and texted me that there is still no electricity and asked if she should cancel, I said to give it some time till 4.40pm. Weirdly I knew the time given was 7pm but something inside me still didn't want to give up on the faith I had on the return of the electricity. I was in the car driving to another class at that point in time and I started to pray hard and I took authority that God has invested in me to command the electric back. For a moment I thought why would God grant me favor for this minuscule petition and then I stopped praying.

And so at 4.40 pm she texted that she's going to call the father of the student to cancel the class and I replied alright then. 4.45, I got a surprise text from the teacher that the electricity came back and she will have the class. My jaw dropped and with a huge relief I started to thank God for His timely intervention. I was and still am so grateful.

Never think that God doesn't care, He always does because it is His character and the Word doesn't lie. He wants us to ask His help but if He doesn't fulfill your prayers, there is always a reason because He knows best. I would always say this, we can only see the present time we are in, the next second, minute or hour, only God knows. Don't lose faith in Him. No eye has seen, no ear has heard what the Lord has prepared for those who loves Him.