Sunday, July 24, 2016

Foreseen Storm

  Waze is my buddy map in checking for traffic jams and finding shortest routes but one day waze did not indicate that there was an over turned truck(accident) near the hilly road. I had to take an alternative route at that point to another winding, hilly road.

   Interestingly, it started to drizzle then heavy rain came. It was hard looking out through the windscreen as not only was it raining heavily , the wind was also blowing in pretty high velocity. That had me praying in tongues, praying that trees don't fall on me , rocks don't roll down on me, reckless cars don't bang on me and what nots.

   Halfway through, the rain stopped, but as I was passing by a resting place, there was a loud wind sound and I could see weird smoke-like stuff and the wind formed in a hazy circular manner. My mind was racing, " is this tsunami? " I definitely couldn't see any where I could escape to if it was. It was blurry but it didn't reach my car and I also drove faster. I saw ahead of me, dark clouds of rain and stormy like. 

The journey felt uncertain, I asked God " What is all this leading to?" 

God said " There is a storm coming, but I will be with you" 

I was thinking "What storm?" 

God showed me dark clouds that was ahead of me and it was raining there ,while I was driving in a clearer weather at that point. And as I approached nearer, it started to clear and became just a drizzle. 

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, a light for my pathway - Psalm 119:105
There are just some things that God doesn't reveal in one sitting but He telling me He will be with me will suffice for now or I will probably bug God about it. Life's storm come what may is nothing compared to Gods sovereignty. We just need to hold on to His promises, to His Rhema (spoken) word.


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