Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Encounter Weekend 2015

For this Encounter Weekend, a friend said she felt some of us are meant to go. Surprisingly, I relented and the thought about the classes I have to shift didn't seem to bother me this time. When it was time to register, shifting classes was a breeze.

  As it was a busy week for me, I didn't prepare myself based on the notes that the pastor gave. I just told God to meet me where I am. During the worship in the first session, God showed me dancing, it was not a performance but I was dancing with a sense of liberty. A dancer feels free when they are dancing. There are no holdbacks and there are no awkwardness In trying to dance correctly. He was showing me I can be that girl. I was going through some things in my life and I suppose God knows what kind of vision I could relate to. It's not that l'm meant to dance but its an imagery of what I should be feeling. When the facilitator ( Ps. Rachel) ministering came to pray for me, she spoke over me and said what God wants to do for me, it was very comforting because before the weekend, God has spoken to me something similar but I was  quite hardened towards it. God  obviously finds that I needed to listen  to Him and she was the instrument of His voice. I'm touched that He didn't just let me be and I thank God for His reassuring vision and words through her.

In the second session, the vision of me dancing now includes Him. He is taking the lead like the flow is led by him. I was starting to let God take control of my burdens. He also reminded me of a vision He showed me years ago which also was a reminder of how much He cares for us, His children. ( But that is another testimony for another time)

In the last session, I do not really remember what the same pastor spoke over me but as she prayed over me, I felt the warmth and the anointing of God within embracing my whole being.   I thank God that He is always looking out for me and to hear Him speak to me and through her during this weekend was timely. He always know what we need even though we might not feel like listening. And He doesn't give up till we get what we need.

Truly a blessed Encounter Weekend.

I Belong To You I love to worship with this song. Beautiful!

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