Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fresh Encounter Conference 2014

Speakers of Fresh Encounter Conference 2014
Ps.Chew Weng Chee
Andries Botha
Ps.Thomas Cherian
Rev. Benedict Augustine 
Ps.Julius Subi
Ps. Christina Ang
This event was organised by Ps.Paul and Ps.Christina Ang and their team. This year it was held in Mega Arena, Kuala Lumpur. Next year will be in Penang.
 My testimony as below:

I was very blessed by the speakers but most of all encountering God was the ultimate blessing anyone could ask for. Worship is usually the time I meet God whether its personal worship or corporate worship. During the first session,  I didn't give it my all and I asked God to help me worship freely. Later, in the second session I was able to abit more, and as I enter in deeper, I saw a vision of Jesus standing right infront of me. He had open arms yet He didn't come any closer, I blinked and as I worship, He's still there. He was smiling and wanted me to focus on Him and nothing else. His presence and His comfort overwhelmed me, I couldn't hold back my tears. I thanked Him for the help I didn't expect and for being there when I really needed Him.

He began to speak to me through the messages, dealing with the issues of my heart.

When Ps.Chew led us in prayer for Sabah and Sarawak and subsequently Ps. Paul and others, God allowed me to feel the pain the nation was going through. And honestly with the hardness I have nowadays, it gave way and the wall broke and I cried to God for them and Malaysia. And because of that, I was able to intercede in prayers for them.

For the last three nights, I slept like a baby for I had no sinus issues at all while staying at the hotel. Normally the air conditioning through out the night in a hotel would have me prepare a tissue box right next to me. Lo and behold, it was not necessary!

Time for me to review my notes and recalibrate my thoughts to get in line with God's system. As the saying goes' walk the talk, talk the walk'.
That's gonna take time and effort, but God's grace will see us through it all.

I would like to encourage those who have backslided and has a desire to make a change. Worship Him and release your burdens to Him and He will carry you through for His yoke is light.
Be in the midst of brothers and sisters in Christ who can encourage and pray with you. God gave me a vision years ago and spoke to me about different ways to hang on to Him. I hope to illustrate and write it out one day. Till then, never stop communing with your Friend, your Father!

Ps.Paul Ang
 I remembered my friend Josh brought a shofar before to youth meeting. And it was years ago when Ps David Swan and team led in prophetic worship with shofars too. Brings me back to the land of Jerusalem, a place I've never been : )
A man playing the shofar

God bless you!

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