Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Steps to Positivity

There is a time in all our lives when life seems meaningless. How do we overcome the negative thoughts?

Day to day we see different lives get affected by something or by someone. 5 degrees of separation as we surf through the world of internet. We read it all.

Church and positive talk shows tells us to look at the brighter side of life, to be grateful yet there are moments such words fall on deaf ears.

So, what do we need to do to overcome negative thoughts?

simply not by thinking positively but by acting positively. It's true to an extend that what our minds think , our hands do. The right key is not to let the thought linger too long in the mind cos it will soon diminish. Procrastination turns your being back to square one.

The key is just do it. Kudos to Nike on coming up with such an impacting tagline.

Being constantly connected to your Maker, helps a person internally in all aspects. My God supplies all my needs. He does and He will if we let Him in.

5 steps to Positivity.
1. Recognizing problems that affects you to be unhappy
2. Find a solution by help of God or whoever He may send to help you
3. Take the step of resolution however small the step is towards happiness.
4. Fight at it till the results are satisfactory
5. Enjoy and repeat steps 1-4 when need be

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