Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Women Conference 2012 - Ps. Sandra Chin

The time has come for another year with Ps. Sandra Chin at our church for Women Conference. EPCC gave out goodie bag filled with magazines, vouchers, beauty samples and a very nice scarf  on the very first night. I told myself I will be taking more pictures this year however that didn't come pass.
The night started with an icebreaker, human bingo game and praise and worship. We also had workshops the next day, women 'thingy'.

In the conference, Ps. Sandra  shared with us about ( I will briefly say:
Person of Christ(who Redeemed us)
Just as with the Jewish culture, their arrangement of matchmaking and preparing for the bride, Jesus does it similar preparing the mansion for His bride (you and I) when He returns to sweep us off our feet. This is all besides the fact that Jesus has died for us on the Cross to be able to have us in this glorious position even while on earth. To have this relationship with Him.

Power of Christ (that Resurrect us)
John 10:10
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

God resurrect what was ours, what He has intended for us. The life of a Christian is to have a life of abundance and we have the resurrected Power to speak over anything in our life. We do not need to be succumbed by the pressures of this society or the negative vibes anyone puts on us but to have a grip and hold on who we are in Him.

and the Provision of Christ (that Releases us)
Parable of The Talents in Matt 25 speaks about how each individual used the talents(money) that was given. 
Christ provides that He might release us, releasing us to do great things and things that pleases God.
Some of us misused what God has given us or became laid-back and not activate the purpose of God in our lives. We need to come back to that place of connecting with God and allowing His power to resurrect us,back on track. Similarly to skills that we do not practice, we loose the hang of it, we might not lose the gifting God gave us, but it can become less productive or effective. 

We are stewards of our body, money and talents God gives us, it is our responsibility to use them to please Him. As we please Him, we please ourselves, His desires become our desires and as we all know, God's purposes is intended for good in all of us.

From her sharing, a lot of reminders came to mind and it settles on my heart to work on pleasing My Father. Glad we all had a little chat with Ps. Sandra, she is down to earth and approachable, a minister that can connect to people.

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