Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Healer, Jesus

His ways are Higher,
His wisdom beyond our age,
His love is incomparable,
Yet, we believe Him,
Yet, we trust Him,
Yet, we feel Him.

I thank Him for healing a friend though it is still in the process of a complete healing but I believe that breakthrough will come. I am grateful though I have lost touch in a certain manner of serving Him but yet He brought the situation to me and put me in the position to lay hands and prayed for someone's healing of eczema. She might not have been completely healed but I thank Him anyway for her healing because I know my God is able. She shared her testimony today that her spiritual attacks have stopped and she is able to sleep in peace. She has continued to confess that she will be healed completely from eczema. Since her inflammation started, her emotions have totally gone haywire and in all this I'm glad she has turned to God for help besides seeking doctors counsel. God once again showed His love and care to His people.

Thank you , Lord.

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