Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My God Is Real

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I admired how A.W Tozer phrases on having a genuine encounter with God. Truly that's what make our Christian walk real and not religious. We can't live out of others' experience with God, and say we know this and that. We need to live out of our encounters with God and in life itself testifies "My God is real"
"Is it not true that for most of us who call ourselves Christians there is no real experience? We have substituted theological ideas for an arresting encounter, we are full of religious notions, but our great weakness is that of our hearts there is no one there. Whatever else it embrace , true Christian experience must always include a genuine encounter with God. 
Without this, religion is but a shadow, a reflection of reality, a cheap copy of an original once enjoyed by someone else whom we have heard.
- A.W. Tozer


  1. Amen! This is such a great post. It reminds us that He who is within me is greater than he who is in the world ;) by the way, happy international women's day!

    1. Thanks, hope it impacts us all to go deeper & higher with Him.
      Ya, Happy International Women's Day to you too!

  2. It is a sad reality that many of us will never truly experience God. we learn church. We learn tools and tricks and prayers - but not how to approach Him like He is everything we need, until tragedy strikes or troubles drive us to our knees! I have had both - and am finding the unexpected result of my pain is finding that He is, indeed, enough. It is like waking from a nightmare to find the treasure chest open and full to the brim! May we all find His treasure, and not wait until trouble strips our cataracts off first!

    1. So true. Its great that though you had to go through pains, you received the revelation of who He really is. Many of us know who He is but whether we encounter Him is another thing, its like what you said, finding the treasure. Or are we just looking at a picture of a treasure. Mmm..am I making sense?
      Anyway, thanks for sharing. Its very encouraging.