Monday, February 6, 2012

God's Word , My Shield

The rugged worn out blue notebook holds many writings and teachings I learned from reading God's Word, preaching, books, prophecies, my own preparations for sharing and I felt grounded whenever I go through this book. It was like a start of my spiritual journey and though I stopped at three quarter of the notebook, my journey did go on without the notebook Now it seems like one of my new notebook is a virtual one. :)

I decided to write what I shared many years ago when I was in the youth group. I was given an opportunity to give an exhortation of any bible verse. I picked Psalms 119:11 " I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you"

What spoke to me then was the intent of the psalmist that seems so pure. David the psalmist reveals his love for God and not wanting to hurt Him by sinning against Him, he hides His Word. Hidden means to treasure, to conceal. When you treasure something till you want to hide it, it means a lot to you. And you do anything to keep it there, for his case, he wants to keep it in his heart. 

This reminded me of the song A Pure Heart which one lines says " A heart that hides Your Word, so that sin may not come in" The Word of God is like a shield, keeping us from sinning and protecting sin from coming in. We all sin and fall short of His glory but Jesus righteousness make us right with God. But as long as we are on this earth, the roaring lion will try to devour us, making us as far away from God as possible. Our part is living the way God wants us to and our guide is His Word, and His Spirit convicts and teaches us.

I went to look for the old song in youtube and I found another version but its great and just as the song has ministered to him, it has also ministered to me then and also now. May it minister to you too and draw you closer to Him.

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