Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Year's Manna

I am back to my bible reading and I have to give myself a pat on the back for getting back. There are many ways to read or study the bible and one of it is using this guideline to finish the bible in one year. You can print out for yourself through One Year Bible Online.

Sometimes I read the daily bread or other inspirational book to help me know more about the Word of GOd or God Himself but I know the best experience in a relationship with God is to study the Bible itself and asking God to reveal and speak to me. And a study bible would definitely help too.

We have pastors, teachers of the Word and bible studies that might help us in our walk with God but we can never disregard our own personal time with Him. The revelation we receive from God is priceless and an experience like no other. We may share the joy or learn from someone elses experience with God but to encounter God first handedly is profound and joyous. To be able to hear God tell you the things He wants to tell you is something each one of us believers need to achieve. Achieving that level of relationship is also a sign of spiritual maturity. Just as the Bible said when during the end times, we can get easily deceive and swayed and all the more we need to have the Word inside of us.

I hope I will be able to return to that position I once had with the Lord. Now is a start...

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