Monday, August 9, 2010

Return to the Father

Angels shouts for joy when God's sons and daughters returns to Him. And I'm thankful to be a part of God's orchestrated divine moments last Sunday.

She has been away from church for 4 years and we were connected recently online after 4 years since I last met her.  Coincidence, no I don't think so. Through my church anniversary celebration, I was given an opportunity to invite her and she agreed to come without much hesitation. Ironically , all this was done through text messaging apart from an earlier conversation through Facebook.

One fine morning on the way to work, i felt a tug to send sms inviting her to the service. I prayed a simple prayer knowing that God is hearing it and press OK to send. And the rest is a continuance beautiful history between a child and Her father. I was more suprised yet expecting when she stood up to rededicate her life to Him. All I pray now is that she continue to seek after Him.

God is always seeking us, waiting for us to respond to His love. He will make us more than a conqueror if we just believe and choose to follow Him. Be assured that you are worthy of His love - u were uniquely created! 
God Loves You!

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