Friday, September 18, 2009

My Jehovah Jireh

A prayer was made as I placed my tithes in the offering bag, letting go the 10% of my salary and was left with less than RM20 to carry through another ten days before my paycheck. A year back I borrowed a relatively large sum of money from a friend and have not return the debt eversince. This year I felt an urgency of returning what I owe but finances was not making it possible for me. But little did I know that God has set this blessed answered prayer on its way to me. One morning I received a phone call that I will be receiving an amount that was the exact amount to what I have owed and God blessed me another 33% more on top of it just for me. Immediately I knew He, my Jehovah Jireh provided a way for me to repay my debts. That was my huge splash of grace which overwhelmed my heart and I want to give Him the honor and glory.

I would like to proclaim His sovereignty and awesomeness of His majesty through this song - The Revelation Song sung by Kari Jobe. How God of Miracles work in His own special way. Thank you Jesus. Enjoy this song.

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