Friday, September 30, 2016

Faith Impacting Message

Hebrews 11:1   What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.

When Ps. Rachel asked us to pray and ask God for breakthroughs etc. I told God I have too many to ask for and don't know which to ask first. I told Him I leave every one of it all to Him,He knows me better than I know me anyway. 

Two days later, I came across an email subscription n it says free e-book with the title Things Not Seen. I clicked and download without giving it a single thought. And I began to read the chapters,it's stories were full of Bible men and women who had gone through faith testing trials as well as their faith-journeying through problems to discover more about themselves.

I felt so encouraged and I believe God is answering my prayers through the ebook. The many breakthroughs that I am believing God for and issues that awaits God's interventions seems lighter as my mind began to shift, a shift to a better right believing, to trust God's ways and time. The more I read, mentally I became clearer. There was a shift in my mind and I believe that's what God is asking me to have before I experience the specific miracles from Him.

It's not a miracle testimony per se, but am just sharing the start of it,and how God is faithful to show signs just to encourage my faith journey. Sometimes along the way,we get negative influences and remarks that makes us feel difficult to stay on course of believing in a miracle.

Waiting for miracles are never easy and sometimes can be pushed aside. It was just funny to me that how I complained that I have so many that I want Him to do for me,n then the many stories I now read has so many faith impacting lessons to hold on to. God's sense of humour and His witty reply does tickled me. Let me share with you the link to this book

Things Not Seen by Jon Bloom

Days later after reading it, my friend asked me to help out with projector for a meeting. Prophet Ps. Abhishek was preaching about faith and later when he prayed for me at the end of the message, I received further confirmation on what He was speaking to me before and many other things. Thanks to my friend who encouraged the prayer although I was not so keen.

Thank God for His Word.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September Prayer

Lord, let Your desires be my desires,
That I will be excited to fulfill those desires,
Let my feet walk in the path you have set for me,
Never let me be at ease with the things that is not from you,
So that I can always make the right call to obey,
Teach me to forgive myself for the things that I should have done,
That there is always Your grace to bring me through,
To allow you to be the strength of my heart,
To learn to do things better, to accept what I'm not able to change,
And allow You to show me Your heart's intent for my life,
I give you all of me, may I be humble to Your word.
May my ears be in tuned to hear Your voice.
Your will be done.
In Jesus Name Amen!