Friday, January 1, 2016

Mambo No.5

I'm not sure how many of you know the song Mambo No.5. But that song has become an imprint in my spiritual diary. The song is catchy and a type of song dancers probably like to move to, well that was when I was 17. Dancing was my first love in music and I know temptation was strong to be in that crowd, like disco-ing, free styling. All along it has been performing kind for me,  routines and formation but freestyle dancing gives you no rules and lots of freedom.

That day came when I knew my curiousity would one day get to me, and all the while I was saying no to my good friends. I know God doesn't approve of us getting into that secular kind of things as it could lead to bad unforeseen circumstances.

One night, I agreed with my friends to go to a pub and dance, I heard the song Mambo no 5 came on and I thought this kind of song was a song I like to dance with. I did and before the song ended, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to leave. I wasn't feeling comfortable even while dancing,not like how I was when dancing at home or with my friends in school. So I excused myself and called another friend to take me home. And from that day onwards, I never did disco ever again. Dancing isn't bad till it's been misuse or done at the wrong place.

God knows us better than we know ourselves and He intends only the best for us. I did not grow up with a lot boundaries. I'm free as a bird. Had I not known God in the early teens, a lot worse would have happened. 

I'm grateful for that whisper that came in the midst of the noise. The noise I thought would satisfy me. God lets me see the satisfaction in Him. With satisfaction, came security and discernment of the things around became clearer.