Monday, November 18, 2013

I Escaped Death Through His Peace

     A few blog post away, I wrote about how God saved my life or my face during a car accident. Rewinding further back till my early teens. I had another divine intervention and for this reason, I’m still in one piece today.
I had just taught a good friend of mine how to ride a bicycle for a few days and she was ready to go on the road. Guys and girls of her neighbourhood got together and we went bike riding around Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. I think there were around 6 of us. My friend and I borrowed bikes from the neighbours.
We came to a part where it was quite hilly but steep and we were at the top of it. I forgot to mention that my friend who had just learn to cycle, was having the bicycle with a little brake malfunction. For the brake to work, you have to brake earlier than usual. Anyway, we were deciding to go down hill, it was pretty steep. I was game for the thrill but then my friend said she didn’t dare because of the brakes. So I offered to change my bicycle with hers thinking that I would probably handle the bike better, and not knowing the science of gravity hard enough, I went ahead with it.

     As for the science of gravity, we all know that with high speed, faulty brakes probably don’t work that well. And that’s exactly what happened. I could not slow down, I was going in high speed down the hill into a road of passing cars,
I tried to slow down the speed with my slipper(never wear slippers for outdoor activities like this), my toe bleed abit, I couldn’t do more. My only option was to pray and hope I don’t bang into any cars. As I was nearing the main road, I had a sudden peace that came over me and I gradually turn my bike  out to the road like I was doing a usual turn. With all that uncontrollable speed, I thought I would have fallen and slide sideways and bang cars or something but I had a smooth turn and I managed to turn into the next road and steadily slowed down the bicycle till I was able to jump out and stop entirely.
     If I had panicked, I probably ride straight into the passing cars and I would have flown off my bicycle, no doubt.

     My friend was dumbfounded and wasn’t sure what had happened and she said I was going so fast. No one knew my brakes didn’t work because I didn’t scream , shout to them or showed any sort of discomfort with the bicycle. None of them followed after me as they were not sure what had happened. They came after I had reach the other road.
Philipians 4:9 ‘The peace that transcends all understanding’ became an experience for me through this ordeal. God saved me through His peace that I escaped death or disability. All because His peace pulled me through safely. His hands guided my hands, made me more skillful than I have ever been. Thank you, Jesus!