Monday, October 28, 2013

Grace - The Name God Gave

       Grace is my name and I never quite grasp its meaning because there is too many.

• As always we give grace to others in order to give them time to complete a task.
•We say grace to give thanks to the Lord for the food we are about to partake.
• Ladies dressed with poise and grace to exude their outer beauty.
• A ballet dancer dances with grace across the stage.
• We are graced with the presence of people we love into our homes.
•God's grace is His unmerited favour.

     Most recent I heard is Jesus is Grace. There is one thing I cannot deny which is the word or name Grace although common because people love the name, has an elegance and simplicity to its name.

      I am Grace since birth, a name bestowed to me by my parents. I have been told and assured by a pastor who prayed over me, who doesn't know me at all that God chose that name for me. Why was it significant to tell me,God? And as I too look back, I can't help but felt like the name did embrace me and slowly made me its home. I suppose this is something personal to me. Among all the meaning of grace, the most profound and meaningful to me is God's Grace, the unmerited favour.

        Just as a bullet is about to reach your beating heart, in the nick of the time, Jesus stands over you and took the bullet in His. That bullet might have been an accusation, a bad curse, a sickness, misfortune that was supposed to enter into your life,but Jesus changes the scenario and took the pain you were meant to take. Do we deserve such gracious treatments at times?

        One syllable, one word, short and sweet yet powerful. We are saved by grace and I constantly try to remember to thank God for His unmerited favour, for I do not want to take His grace for granted.

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