Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Moses Moment

     I never thought my camera would capture the red rays coming out of the sun through this fascinating tree (which made me took the picture in the first place). Each time I look at this picture, I cant help but think of God's presence.

     Experiencing God's glory is always an unforgettable one, and it usually happens during worship in my case. Its when we give ourselves in submission and with a sincere approach,  we will meet Him. Time stood still as I recalled, and I couldn't help but lift my face upward. Nothing seems to matter but the moment. Awesome was all I can describe. It was like a Moses moment when God came to him at the burning bush except I didn't feel a need to cover my face. I was on my knees, and He surrounded me with His loving presence, so comforting and peaceful.

     O sweet presence of God, how I long for an outpouring of Your spirit where nothing matters but You.

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