Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Indian with A Snake

This story speaks to me about our human nature, how easily we can pick the wrong choice in life. It is just amazing that our God, is a God of second chance, one that loves us unconditionally. We learn from life's experiences, we fall and we get back up, it's a life cycle of a human being. But, it is with God that we can avoid falling into the lies of the devil many times, or that when we get sucked in to the lies of the devil and fall into situations we shouldn't be in, we can always count on God to guide us out into safety. There will always be hope in Him and we need not walk deeper down the wrong path.

Many times, when Christians back slide, they are too ashamed to meet God or come to church. Shame grips them, and they move further away from God. Know this, when we backslide, it is all the more we need God, all the more we need to stay in His presence. He does not condemned , He want's the best for us.

Back to the story of the Indian and the snake, Max Lucado wrote this in the Inspirational Study Bible that I was reading one day. Let me share it with you:
An Indian was walking up a mountain when he heard a voice.  
"Carry me with you" it requested. The Indian hurried and saw a snake.
He refused,"If I carry you up the mountain you will bite me". " I wouldn't do that", the snake assured. "All I need is some help. I am slow and you are fast, please be kind and carry me to the top of the mountain."
It was against his better judgement, but the Indian agreed. He picked up the snake, put him in his shirt, and resumed the journey. When they reached the top, he reached in his shirt to remove the snake and got bit.
He fell to the ground, and the snake slithered away.
"You lied!" the Indian cried, "You said you wouldn't bite me".
     The snake stopped and looked back," I didn't lie. You knew who I was when you picked me up".
     We hear the legend and shake our heads. He should have known better, we bemoan. And we are right. He should have.
      And so should we. But don't we do the same? Don't we believe the lies of the snake? Don't we pick up what we should leave alone?
Max Lucado was bringing this story in relation to the Corinthian Christians in the book of   1st Corinthians and how Paul was so patient in his teaching them about worship, unity, the role of women and the Lord's supper. Max Lucado wrote this:
      He (Paul) is disturbed but not despondent. Angry but not desperate. His driving passion is love. And his treatise on love in Chapter 13 remains the greatest essay ever penned. The letter however personal, is not just for the Corinth. It is for all who have heard the whisper and felt the fangs.
      We like the Indian, should have known better. We like the Corinthians, sometimes need a second chance.       

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Psalm 91 Recorded....

Today I would like to read to you Psalm 19 in recording, instead of text. This is my first time recording my reading and with only one take, hope it's clear enough coupled with my sinus-sniffles...