Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Revolution Day in History

5th of May became a day of Revolution,one that gave hope to almost over 250 people who made an important decision in their lives. When Ps. Kenneth gave the call, these people chose to give their hearts to Jesus. I am honored to be a witness and to be able to join the triumphant applause for them.

The evening started with a warm welcome by the ushers who cheers and claps you on as you enter. Soon, the countdown begins and boom, the party begins! We have performances from different churches which is ACTs dance team, EPCC dance team and The Rock dance team followed by guitar playing by Kelvyn Yeang rendering their band number and Amazing Grace. The worship team from Acts took us in an energetic, passionate praise and worship then Ps. Kenneth took the stand and started to share the message of love. How God loves, how God can, more than we ever know. His animated and hilarious stories sends laughter, giggles all over the stadium nevertheless when he speaks his passion of knowing who God is and what He can do, something in the atmosphere levels up. God is in the midst of us, stirring, healing, speaking, and showering His presence. So many encountered God and that is truly the most real thing you will discover in a Christian walk, encountering Him.

Lastly we had Juwita Suwito to perform a few songs, I enjoyed the songs very much.

It's a great joy when I saw so many people walking down from upstairs, from the aisles to the front of the stage, an act of faith. Revolution starts from the heart and then it spreads. If you would to know more about the movement, please visit

Here's some shots and watch the video to have a glimpse of last Saturday's event. See you next year in REVO PISA!

If you want to have another dose of revolution, check this out!

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