Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peace in Turmoil

The wind was breathing hard and swifting through the trees right outside my house, makes me think about the tsunami in Japan. How many lives affected and tears shed. A history made by Tsunami.

I whispered a prayer for the victims that they will find refuge and peace in God. I hope through this unsightly event, people will turn to God and not away from Him.
God does not promise us bed of roses but a rainbow after the rain. Life may not be what it seems however we have something to look forward to as earth is just our temporary home. God and the angels awaits us in heaven with a new body and a mansion for each of us.

May we find Him even in the midst of storms and know He is sovereign above all. My anxious heart became stilled as I remembered who God is. He is my Prince of Peace.


  1. Beautiful message! My heart aches for people who do not have this peace nor know the giver of gifts. Loved your "Christ Alone" video below.

    Great blog for truth and inspiration!

  2. Hi Carol, thanks. It's great that you feel for people so much.

    The song spoke to me and i hope it does for others.

    It's good to stay as real as possible.:)thanks for your encouragement.