Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I like how Joyce Meyer state this 

 " We can still have a bad attitude and go to heaven but we can't have a bad attitude and glorify God"

I've been evaluating my attitude and sometimes I find how much situations in my life can either make me or break me. We either succumb into a nasty attitude and think ' 'Cos people do that to us so why can't we be nasty too?, Why be good when we don't get treated well?, Why bother?"  Or we choose to want to make God proud of us and continue to be the person that He wants us to be. 

But God is truly amazing, how patient He is with us and molding us in ways we cannot fathom. As we look back, we realized what God is showing us in different situations. Sometimes He might be showing us how to be slow in anger and quick to listen, to not think of ourselves more highly than we ought, and a lot of these attributes are found in the Bible. We just got to go back to The Word to keep us going the right way. However hard it might be to stay humble, the only way is through Him. There is pride is all of us no matter how quiet we might be or how loud we are as i quote Joyce Meyer again "The middle letter in pride is I ".

As i pause to ponder on Jesus's attitude while He was on earth, there is this indescribable feeling towards the revelation of who He is. I don't feel ashamed of my shortcomings but I'm in awe with His love and grace over me. His grace abounds and soften our hearts to lean towards His strength to be a better person, not run away from Him and be condemned. As my pastor said, "His grace doesn't mean He is giving us the license to sin but compels us to want to please Him more for all that He has done for us". 
God does not condone our wrongdoings but His grace shows us the way to victory and the choice is ours. 

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