Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prayer for Accidents

Drove out to the junction and I took a stop, didn’t know why my eyes was following the bike that just passed me but after that I saw him lost his balance and fell to a field nearby. I was not sure if he knocked any rocks as I know there is a hole of some kind over at the hedges. Another biker came down to help, the driver that apparently knocked him came down as well but did a sign of hand to show the public that it is the biker’s fault.
Whatever it was, it didn’t matter to me, I uttered a prayer that the casualty will be alive and that he will not die because of an accident. I do not know what the will of God for this man is but I know I had to pray anyway. It has been a practice for me whenever I see an accident, I pray for the soul and God’s miracle upon that life.So all I hope is not to see a death report in tomorrow’s newspaper. I have had my share of accidents throughout my life but God saved me miraculously a few times leaving no scar or painful injury when it could have been death for me. God is sovereign no matter what the crisis may appear.

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